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We work with producers and consumers to create an agricultural ecosystem that naturally supports people, progress and the planet.

Our Impact

We are driven to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come.

Champion of farmer success

Farmers are the first to face an ever-changing landscape, while constantly striving for higher yield, resilience and desirability. They need seeds and crop protection products that address their challenges鈥攏ot just by country or region, but laser-focused down to the acre. We are on the ground alongside them, listening first and then innovating collaboratively to help enable their success.聽

Our priority is the success of the farmer鈥攂ecause when producers thrive, our world thrives.

A novel approach to innovation

Ideas don鈥檛 live within the confines of a specific industry, sector or technology. It鈥檚 why we apply an open-source philosophy toward innovation, seeking inspiration from a diverse range of thoughts, ideas and solutions. When combined with our world-class research and development capabilities, ideas are transformed into reality with groundbreaking and sustainable agricultural solutions.

Research and Development discovery and commercialization process

The path from discovery of a molecule or trait to its introduction to the market is a long one. Launch is just the halfway point. Post-launch, the Corteva Agriscience鈩 Research and Development team continues to explore聽different formulations and combinations with other innovations to meet the ever-changing needs of farmers.

A responsible food system

We understand that quality food is the foundation of thriving communities and we work closely with farmers to ensure that the latest thinking and technology are used to grow better food, while sustaining the land and conserving resources.聽聽聽聽

Scientist in lab with plants

Our Innovation

What鈥檚 next for the future?

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