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Improving crop productivity and keeping my fields healthy

Registered in several countries throughout Europe, Arylex鈩 active is the key ingredient in a new line of customised herbicide products for cereals. Offering powerful weed control across a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds, Arylex can be used at low rates with low environmental load.

The flexibility of the formulation enables farmers to apply with confidence across a wide spray window, to manage resistance and to spray across variable climatic conditions. 

Arylex鈩 active - Key Benefits

Exceptional Flexibility


A key advantage of Arylex鈩 active is its flexibility. Unlike most other synthetic auxin herbicides, Arylex performs well even in the cold, wet conditions of late autumn or early spring.

Arylex鈥檚 ability to deliver robust control of many problematic weeds, even in tough conditions, gives farmers unrivalled flexibility and peace of mind by allowing application over more spray days.

With Arylex, farmers also have unrivalled freedom in terms of crop rotation decisions. Arylex rapidly degrades in soil and plant residues, making it safe to sow a variety of common autumn sown rotational crops and catch crops.

Excellent Safety


Arylex鈩 active can safely be applied to a variety of winter and spring cereals between early leaf development up to late boot growth stages.

Unlike its behavior in susceptible species, Arylex rapidly metabolizes into a non-active form after uptake in cereal crops.

Complementing Arylex with a safener such as cloquintocet increases the cereal plant鈥檚 ability to metabolize the product, ensuring selectivity and crop safety over a wide application window.

Superior Efficacy


Arylex鈩 active stands out amongst other synthetic auxin herbicides with its superior efficacy at low dose rates.

Post-emergence use rates as low as 5 to 7.5 grams of active ingredient per hectare effectively control many common and invasive broad-leaf weeds, including several ALS, or SU, resistant species.

High Compatibility


In addition to superior efficacy, Arylex鈩 active is highly compatible with many of Corteva Agriscience鈩 's other active ingredients. Arylex will be the foundation of a new line of customized products that offer farmers powerful control over a wide spectrum of broad-leaved weeds at low use rates with low environmental load and few label restrictions.

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