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Emulsifiable concentrate attributes

NeoEC formulations are effective herbicides with favorable toxicological and environmental profile. NeoEC formulations retain the attributes associated with traditional emulsifiable concentrates (long shel life, effective dispersion in water, consistent performance and efficacy), or ECs, but provide additional attributes tailored for sustainability.


ECs are known for their physical and chemical stability that results in a longer shelf life. They also provide homogeneity for effective dispersion in water as well as consistent performance.

Extra benefits

The extra benefit from a NeoEC formulation is that it's predominantly based on renewable, eco-friendly, plant-derived solvents which is why it has a minimal environmental footprint.


NeoEC products help minimize three key factors: the amount applied, the amount of non-renewables included and the amount of non-green components used. NeoEC formulations can deliver sustainable attributes that rival traditional water-based suspension concentrate formulations.

Other important attributes

Other attributes include the convenience of a built-in adjuvant as well as favored storage and handling. NeoEC formulations also meet the guidelines for volatile organic compounds. And, since NeoEC formulations contain minimal to no petroleum distillate solvents, the odor is reduced, which can improve public perception.

Our NeoEC Formulations

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