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Sylvain Pierron, Customer Technology Specialist at Corteva Agriscience brings a new perspective on the vital importance of Arylex™ active for Cereal Farmers across France.

Leading the technology transfer for Cereal Herbicides in France, Sylvain has a pivotal role in communicating the headline benefits of new products to the sales and marketing teams at Corteva. He needs to understand and share not only the benefits of a new innovation like Arylex™ active, but also what it offers against both existing and competitive products.

‘I’m in constant communication with my internal colleagues – sales, marketing and the principal biologist as well as key influencers such as the farming institutes and senior technical contacts in larger customers.  They have extensive knowledge and very hands-on advice, which means that we can deliver really effective and practical solutions’, observes Sylvain.

Though Gallium is a widespread problem in France, along with Veronica, Matricaria and Stellaria, it’s Papaver that is a particular target for Arylex. Around half of all the regions in France suffer from this virulent resistant weed and its treatment requires a long-term solution. ‘Papaver seeds can remain in the soil for up to 30 years, as long as my career here’ notes Sylvain with a wry smile. They can be difficult to get rid of and ploughing won’t work as you simply plough up the problem. This is why Arylex is so important – as it comes from a new class of synthetic auxins which are particularly effective on resistant weeds’.

Flexibility and efficacy across a wide range of climatic conditions are also vital attributes of Arylex. With an unusually wide window of application, Arylex can be applied in all weathers and across a broad range of temperatures. It’s also easy to tank mix which is a real help to farmers who prefer the effectiveness of combining products together rather than having to spray twice.   

Summing up the significance of Arylex, Sylvain referenced the viability of its use all year round. ‘Arylex is an ingredient in both Zypar and Pixxaro. Spring starts in January in South West France and Zypar is particularly effective when the weather is good and cereals are developed. From February onwards, Pixxaro with its excellent multi-way compatibility and rapid speed of action, really comes into it’s own’. 

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