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Nitrogen is a Critical Crop Input

Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the most important agricultural inputs for maximizing yield and plant health. It is also one of the most costly inputs for farmers. Furthermore, applied nitrogen that is not stabilized in the root zone or utilized by the crop can be lost to the environment. Nitrogen leaching can decrease ground and surface water quality. Denitrification can lead to atmospheric pollution. Finally, nitrogen that is not utilized by the crop is a wasted investment. The need for maximizing crop productivity to feed a growing global population must be balanced with environmental sustainability and the farmer's return on investment. 

Corteva鈩 Agriscience's nitrogen stabilizers with Optinyte鈩 technology, are scientifically proven to keep nitrogen in the root zone, provide better crop utilization of nitrogen and help maximize yield. Stabilizing the ammonium form of nitrogen fertilizer reduces nitrogen losses from leaching and denitrification. 

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