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Two Crops in Breakthrough Enlist Technology Now Commercialized

MIDLAND, Mich. 鈥 June 14, 2017 - The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) will launch Enlist鈩 corn in the U.S and Canada for the 2018 growing season, enabling farmers to access the premier technology to maximize yield by controlling weeds. The Company announced the news today after the Ministry of Agriculture of the People鈥檚 Republic of China approved the import of grain produced from corn containing the Enlist trait.

鈥淓nlist is among the largest advanced technology opportunities in Dow鈥檚 history, and demonstrates how our innovation drives our growth,鈥 says Andrew Liveris, chairman and chief executive officer, The Dow Chemical Company. 鈥淲ith today鈥檚 news, we continue to deliver on the promise of Enlist. This product will answer a significant, pressing and broad market need. Dow is proud to offer this superior solution to farmers across the U.S. and Canada.鈥

Enlist corn is part of the suite of products in the Enlist system developed by Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. The technology is designed to manage resistant and hard-to-control weeds, a problem that has grown steadily worse since the first glyphosate-resistant weeds were discovered in 2001. Resistant and tough weeds now infest more than 100 million acres of American farmland alone.1

Enlist Duo庐, the companion herbicide for use with Enlist corn, cotton and soybeans, is a highly differentiated and effective solution that has been optimized for on-target application using proprietary Colex-D庐 technology by Dow AgroSciences. Among other benefits, Colex-D technology minimizes the potential for physical drift and provides near-zero volatility.

Enlist corn will be widely available in the U.S. and Canada, and will be sold as both SmartStax庐 Enlist and PowerCore庐 Enlist hybrids, creating the leading weed and insect control packages in the industry. The Enlist technology will also be licensed to other seed companies.
鈥淲e are very excited to bring the Enlist system to farmers in the U.S. and Canada,鈥 says Tim Hassinger, president and CEO, Dow AgroSciences. 鈥淭he feedback on the performance during our Stewarded Introduction has been extremely positive, as growers have been very impressed with both the weed control as well as the formulation advancements we have made, reducing the potential for drift and volatility.鈥

Commercialization of Enlist corn follows the successful launch of Enlist鈩 cotton in 2016. Dow AgroSciences is also ready for full commercialization of Enlist soybeans and Enlist E3鈩 soybeans, and is considering options for the 2018 season as it awaits final import approvals.

鈥淲e appreciate the efforts of the U.S. and China governments under the 100 Day initiative,鈥 says Hassinger. 鈥淲e look forward to continuing to work with China and their regulatory process for additional trait approvals so we can bring farmers new and much needed technology.鈥

1Stratus Ag Research. 2016. Glyphosate Resistance Tracking Study.

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