Corteva Agriscience鈩 Position on Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity Position Statement

The inclusion and diversity strategy of Corteva Agriscience鈩 is rooted in our culture and core values. We believe a cornerstone of our success is a workplace that values and embraces difference. Inclusion and diversity contribute to making Corteva Agriscience a great place to work by enhancing our innovation and customer experiences, strengthening our understanding of the communities we serve, and driving our sustainable growth. 

Having a workforce that is inclusive of team members from different backgrounds, races, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origins, veteran backgrounds, ages, physical limitations, and religions, is the only way we see ourselves being able to do business the right way in a world that is dynamic, multi-faceted and rapidly evolving. But even more importantly, we believe in the seamless integration of all types of people and cultures into our workplace. It鈥檚 the right thing to do. That is why we lead with inclusion.

A truly inclusive workplace culture helps us hire the best talent for the job, better understand our new and emerging markets, and better serve our customers around the world. Our diverse teams also help drive our culture of innovation and inspire us to refine our business practices. We take a proactive approach, sponsoring education and training for employees and leaders, holding employee forums and conferences, and representing diversity and inclusion through employee stories and examples.


Business Resource Group (BRG) Impact

Our network of BRGs

Recognizing that different members of our company have broad and varied experiences and needs, we support a variety of聽business resource groups (BRGs) to implement and maintain programs that help assure our success in embracing the similarities and differences of people, cultures and ideas. Our network of BRGs includes:

  • African American - BRG
  • Asian-BRG
  • Early Career/Young Professional - BRG
  • Hispanic/Latino - BRG
  • People with Disabilities - BRG
  • Veteran - BRG, and
  • Women - BRG聽

BRGs enhance business outcomes in the following areas

These groups provide employees and allies a forum to discuss their needs, provide feedback to management, and serve as a source of support and mentoring to their members. BRGs also enhance business outcomes in the following areas:

  • Involving employees in recruitment and talent management efforts
  • Offering leadership development and mentoring opportunities
  • Capitalizing on the knowledge of diverse employees to create customer-sensitive branding and product development
  • Creating an engaged and inclusive work environment
  • Promoting our organization as an Employer of Choice and community partner

Our vision is to create a respectful environment

Our vision is to create an environment where every employee is respected and valued and has an equal opportunity to develop, advance, and be heard. To achieve this, we commit to:

  • Strengthen inclusion and diversity metrics, policies, and practices across Corteva Agriscience
  • Review and improve the pipeline of women and minorities for advancement and empower them with a strong support system
  • Identify and work to reduce any structural barriers or unconscious bias that may exist in our business and functions across the globe
  • Extend our BRGs across all regions and markets where we do business and ensure that they are connected in a truly global network
  • Continue to make the workplace a trusted and safe place to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about inclusion and diversity聽
  • Continue to implement and expand unconscious bias education and training聽
  • Share best practices and learnings throughout the company on what is and is not working to improve inclusion and diversity

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity stretches well beyond Corteva Agriscience to our customers, suppliers, and the larger community.  Our efforts include developing a more diverse supplier base, supporting public policy initiatives, and building the skilled workforce of tomorrow that will meet our customers鈥 needs. By committing to inclusion and diversity across our operations and beyond our borders, we believe that we make our business stronger and better, while also contributing to the social and economic health of the communities in which we work and live.  

We are working on a Global BRG Integration strategy across the regions. There are currently six active networks in the Latin America Region, specifically in Brazil with over 300 employee participants: Mulheres (Women), Aprendiz (Apprentices), Joven Talentos (Young Talents), Afro (Afrodescemdants), Pcd (People with Disabilities), and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender). These groups influenced company policies, supported training and leadership development programs, and have established a strong Allies program across the region.


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